The most satisfying feeling is to see the smile on a person's face after eating one of my dishes. Not only do I have a passion for cooking I have a dedication for it as well. Over the past decade my fondness for cooking has continuously blossomed. I started out by doing research on the foods we were putting in our bodies. At that point I decided to change my eating life and started encouraging my family and friends to do the same.  For most of us quick, easy and cheap is the solution we choose for ourselves and family. However, it's not always the healthiest option. 

I started cooking more at home, reading food labels and educating myself about nutrition. I observed how my friends and co-workers would settle for takeout 90% of the time and somehow still not be satisfied. I started having more cookouts and dinner parties to spread the word about healthier eating. Telling everyone they just had organic food or the seasonings were only fresh herbs and spices would always be a highlight. After each event someone would either want a recipe, meal suggestion or request a personalized dish. Hence, True Flavor was born! 

Now I'm able to provide my clients with healthier eating options and eliminate the stress of deciding what's for dinner. My mission is to put you at ease knowing you'll have a home-cooked meal which will be hearty, healthy and full of True Flavor!