How it Works!

At our consultation I can determine what you like and don't like to eat. I'll customize a menu and send it to you via email for your approval. On the cook date I'll shop, cook with my equipment, package, label, and freeze or refrigate your meals. Heating instructions will be left for each meal. 

All you do is heat, eat and relax!

*Prices do not include cost of groceries

*Travel fees may apply


Great for Singles/Couples!

This package offers 3-5 different entrées and appropriate side dishes.

3 x 2 Plan3 entrees with 2 servings of each 
A total of 6 complete meals


4 x 2 Plan4 entrees with 2 servings of each entrée 

A total of 8 complete meals

5 x 2 Plan - 5 entrees with 2 servings of each entrée
A total of 10 complete meals

Great for Families!

This package will feed a family of four 3-5 entrées and appropriate side dishes.

3 x 4 Plan - 3 entrees with 4 servings of each entrée
A total of 12 complete meals

4 x 4 Plan4 entrees with 4 servings of each entrée
A total of 16 complete meals

                                            5 x 4 Plan5 entrees with 4 servings of each entrée
                                            A total of 20 complete meals

Fee includes: 

  • Consultation
  • Menu research and planning
  • Shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Storage and labeling of all meals
  • Clean up


" I use True Flavor's personal chef services on a weekly basis for my elderly parents. Solved a huge problem and my parents are absolutely thrilled with Gina! Like going out to a five-star restaurant every night, but its right at home. Also, my brother is now using True Flavor and is very pleased. Great food prepared with the finest ingredients! Gina will even take your own personal recipes and improve upon them. Highly recommended!!!"

-Chuck Sonson


 Century Jets

"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!"      - Sandy, Va Beach

"As a business man on the run I can't ask for a better service. True Flavor's customer service and impeccable food knocks it out of the park each time! - Dan, Va Beach 

Gina and True Flavor have been fantastic!.  The price is very reasonable and the food has been excellent.  With my on the go type of schedule, I am now able to have gourmet type meals daily without all the hassle.  Gina works with portion size, food preferences and will cater the plan for your health needs.  I can’t say enough about the service and quality.  It’s been so good that we have her catering the meals for our parents as well!

-David Sonson


Allegiance Home Lending